Bodybuilding weight loss troubleshooter

Help! None of this stuff works. Relax, our bodybuilding weight loss troubleshooter will sort you out.
There is a specific reason you are not making progress with your bodybuilding weight loss efforts.....and we’re going to find it.

Take a look below and see if any of these bodybuilding weight loss blunders look all too familiar?.....


No problem here if its nuts or fruit during the day or around workout time – but if its getting late and you are still looking high and low for some tasty snacks it means you are taking in extra calories just at the wrong time.

Solution – maybe you need to change you diet plan to increase the portions for your early evening meal – maybe you need to drink more water as this will suppress the appetite and make you feel full – perhaps you are snacking because you are bored and don’t realize how much you are getting through…remember to get out and about – stimulate your mind!

Eating too much of the right stuff!

Just because you have a larder full of low fat foods and snacks might make you think that it doesn’t matter what you eat, just one more low-cal energy bar, anyone?

Solution - Sometimes its tempting to do this but remember…some pre-packaged foods still have high sugar and calorie’s the calories that count at the end of the day whether its from a nice double choc muffin or a healthy bowl of cereal.

Hey, thank ‘goodness’ it’s the weekend!

Just because you’ve kept on that strict diet and exercise schedule all week doesn’t mean you can crack open that six pack in the cooler that’s been teasing you since you bought it. Stop, think, is it worth it?

Solution - Ok, have one or two, you deserve it – but you get the picture, use this as a reward but only in a small way. The idea is to slowly, ‘lose the taste’ for fatty and sugary foods…this believe me will take some time but before you know it you will be choosing that Bud lite every time!

It wasn’t me!

Are you really being honest and putting all the food in your food diary? It doesn’t look too good if you spoil a whole page with ‘ice-cream’ or ‘fudge brownies’ or …No stop there, you get the point. Honesty…be truthful to yourself and keep accurate records of all your food intake – only in this way can you track your total calorific intake – and make the appropriate adjustments.

Solution – you can work with this and take a look every week at the items you just can’t live without…you’ve heard of meal replacement drinks…well I want you to take a look at some of your semi-favourite foods (keep the best one or two – there is no substitute for these!) and then think how you could replace these…

Ok, say you like ice cream

You can get fruit sorbet (nice taste – very low calories) – you can get nice yoghurts…why not make a fruit smoothie with fresh berries, fruit and a small scoop of ice cream? The idea is to cut right down and trim those fat calories out of your diet…easy.

Lack of time for bodybuilding weight loss?

Solution – there is always time…Even on an 18 hour shift, you’ll get 10 minute breaks every few hours! Take in a brown bag meal and have something regularly – this will stop cravings – that can only be satisfied by food available where you work – which will be junk!

The lack of time theory is a great excuse, however busy you are…but I want you to think about two things here. Firstly, if planning your meals or preparing them or finding time to go to the gym after work etc etc seems impossible you need to...

Build them into your routine

Then they will not show up as an out of the ordinary event that has somehow got to be levered in to your day…you need to be expecting – looking forward to that time. Now, starting a habit is best done very gently…I want you to do the least possible toward your goal.....but do it immediately after you commit to your goal. Get me.

You have to reinforce your commitment with action.

If you workout regularly anyway skip this next section…if not and you want to on.

How not to start

Get pumped up about how great you’re going to look when you’ve lost all those pounds.....write down your weight target and give your self a time limit to achieve it by (so far so good)…fold up that bit of paper and put it in your wallet (big mistake)
Fast forward a couple of weeks....."hey, you know, I must get around to losing some weight...better write down a list of goals" and so it goes on.
Been there, done that!

How to start

First, get yourself a weights and aerobic program that you like…don’t even think about doing something you hate.....ok, so even if that means working out with free weights at home and using walking as the aerobic element, start with this, once you see results it will be time to progress.
This is key, do not skip this step and write down a full program of activities that look good…on paper…but in your heart of hearts are not ever going to feature in your day.

I was preparing a program of aerobic work for a student some years ago…I said, how about cycling?.....'no, looks too silly and I’ll get sore' about swimming?....'don’t want to be seen in the pool'.....How about running?..... 'too hard on the knees'. So we used 'speed walking' and got results.

Start with two sessions a week…one with weights one aerobic.....when you can easily do this and are looking forward to these sessions......double up and do two and two…then three and three. This could take a couple of months, but......

What’s the alternative? Doing nothing?
One major reason a lot of people do not get more than a few steps along the path to their goal is distraction, is this you?

Who can blame them?
The media is full of promises you want to believe, who wouldn’t want the newest and best products?
Solution – follow a reliable source of information, and see our philosophy.
How many fitness magazines have you read that do not recommend something, warn you against risky products, we do here.

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