Bodybuilding Weight Loss Seem Impossible?

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Before You Even Think About Cracking Open a Jar of Bodybuilding Weight loss Supplements...Read This!

Here we look at the body building weight loss products to avoid. If you don’t buy weight loss supplements that are risky you are ahead of the game already and can fully focus on your bodybuilding weight loss program.

You won’t find this kind of information easily anywhere else!

In fact, the products with containing these bodybuilding weight loss supplements look just as appealing as the safe ones. You don’t need to take any risks here. You now have more time and money to spend on what does work… Easy!

What we have below are supplements that are best avoided…there may be specific cases where they may be useful to you – heck, if you’re in the peak of health, there might not even be any side effects. But in general, your money is best spent elsewhere.

Fat blockers

These aim to bind to fat in the digestive tract and stop it entering the bloodstream, sounds good, and they can work, but they can also prevent the uptake of essential fatty avoided. However, that said short term usage and supplementing with Omega 3 Essential Fatty Acids can reduce adverse effects.

Diet pills

There are some prescription diet pills that are widely available.

Phentermine – an appetite suppressant recommended to be prescribed for obesity. Side effects include dry mouth, anxiety and insomnia.

Sibutramine – again, an anti-obesity drug which works by tricking the brain into thinking you are full and giving that ‘full’ sensation. Together with a diet and weight training program, it can increase the metabolism but again the side effects are serious and include headache, constipation and raised blood pressure which can be dangerous if you already have a heart condition.

Orlistat (Xenical) – this drug acts to prevent uptake of fat in the intestines. It works, but can prevent also the uptake of essential vitamins and nutrients.........not recommended.

Over the counter diet pills with phenylpropanolamine (PPA) - side effects include anxiety and increased blood pressure. There is also a risk of stroke for teenagers who exceed the stated dosage.

Anti-fat herbs

Citrus Aurantium (Bitter Orange Extract, Synephrine)
Otherwise known as Synephrine, this is an alkaloid and related to ephedrine, also an alkaloid extracted from the herb Ephedra – Synephrine has fewer side effects than Ephedrine as it cannot easily pass over the blood/brain barrier…to date there are no validated scientific studies on Synephrine as a fat burner, best avoid for now until the risks are quantified.

Gotu Kola
As with many products hyped as cellulite burners Gotu Kola is supposed to rid the body of excess fluid and reduce water retention…It also helpfully may enhance the skin tissue to keep that smooth look…It works by stimulating the central nervous system.

The herb is also believed to be lipotropic…or a fat burner. The health risks arise from the fact it is a stimulant…and may cause increased anxiety and insomnia or aggravate existing problems of this nature.

Ephedrine (Ma Huang)
The headline benefits of Ephedra are that it can stimulate an ‘adrenaline’ like response which encourages the release and mobilisation of fat from cells. It also acts as an appetite suppressant.
It is found in many bodybuilding weightloss products and you’ll also have seen it in cold remedies.
You may have heard of or tried the ‘ECA’ (Ephedra/Caffeine/Aspirin) stack. Usually the doses are 20mg/200mg and 300mg of each. This combo increases thermogenesis and curbs appetite.
We do not recommend this stack as Ephedra has many documented side effects and is best avoided.
Ephedra dangers - it can make your heart race, cause high blood pressure and anxiety. Worse though and the main reason to avoid is the fact that heart attacks, stroke and death have been attributed to Ephedrine use in otherwise healthy and active people in their 30s and 40s. Even if the studies are inconclusive on Ephedra dangers, is it really worth it?

More unbiased information and research evidence on Ephedra dangers here.

Ephedrine is also banned by the International Olympic Committee and the FDA has warned consumers against using weightloss products containing Ephedra.

Despite the above risks, Ephedra based bodybuilding weightloss products are proven to effectively enhance fat-loss and mobilisation in the body. This is why many people still use products containing this agent.

However, manufacturer of supplements have taken this on board and alternatives are now available with the same or better effects than Ephedra.. Take your choice, but rest easy in the knowledge that the ones we recommend both work and will not cause unpleasant or even lethal side effects!

White Willow Bark
This is a natural herb that contains Salicin as an active ingredient. This is used in the production of aspirin. It will often be found in products with Ephedra to increase the metabolic effects. Aspirin on its own has been shown to do this however, there is to date no scientific evidence to suggest the same for White Willow Bark.

You should avoid if you are on blood thinning drugs, corticosteroids or diabetes medication.

A lot of hype has been written in the bodybuilding mags about this herb. It is a powerful herb that is often included in fat loss supplements. This is because it does stimulate the release of noradrenalin which in turn raises body temperature and can encourage fat to be burned as fuel. Good so far!
But is it worth it, considering the side effects are anxiety (a common theme here!), arythmia (erratic heartbeats)...and worse possible kidney failure, seizures and death?

More unbiased information and research evidence here.

The American Botanical Council (which promotes herbal supplements) recommends Yohimbe is avoided and the FDA considers it unsafe.

Remember, just because there are potentially risky side effects does not make the benefits of these supplements any better!

You do not have to accept risks to make progress!
You can have the same benefits and NO risk or side effects with the right bodybuilding weight loss supplements.

Fortunately, manufacturers are seeing the light and the current trend is toward using risk-free bodybuilding weight loss supplements.

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