Simply a Bodybuilding Weight loss Exercise Program That Works

We’re going to keep things simple. Forget complex bodybuilding weight loss routines........keep it simple so you know how you’re progressing and this will keep you motivated…

Try this program for a month

You already have an exercise program? Great, lets adapt that for bodybuilding weight loss.
  1. Workout with your usual weight training routine 3 times per week on alternate days – even if you have a split routine give yourself a days rest between.
  2. Workout for no more than 40 minutes.
  3. You will adjust your usual program to do alternate upper body and lower body workouts…this means each session in the gym you work either upper or lower body.
  4. Choose a couple of exercises to target each muscle group – say, chest, shoulders, back, arms…and perform 6 sets for each muscle group of between 10-12 reps.
  5. Make sure you do not ‘cheat’ on these exercises – this means work with weights you can handle…keep good form so you are in control through the whole range of motion we’re aiming to workout all those muscle fibres.
  6. Now for the clincher…on your off days for weight training you need to do your aerobic work now this is going to be a challenge as you will be sore but, good news, you will do three aerobic workouts a week…swimming, running, walking - your choice, for around 30 minutes each.
    Exercise those lungs - get some oxygen into the system - burn some fat

    Remember your metabolic rate will still be raised from the weight training…the aerobic work will give it another boost to burn even more calories.
  7. Remember to warm up before all the sessions, a strain or muscle pull will set you back.
  8. Good news sauna can count as one of your aerobic sessions!
Warning: You are going to have some serious carb craving if you follow this program…remember this is good fuel for your muscles - cut out the fat - keep the carbs high and protein sufficient to repair the muscles.

Also, make sure you get enough sleep, get into bed earlier…do it! In one month from today you will see results – but stick to the program – no skipped sessions.

Remember to hydrate during and after the sessions…electrolyte enhanced isotonic drinks have been proven to be marginally effective grab one before the aerobic work out and take it with you.
Best of luck to you. Try these bodybuilding weight loss exercise tips and strategies as well...

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