Your Healthy Diet Plan Starts Here

Grilled chicken breast with vegetables is a healthy choice for a meal

Ever wonder just how important a healthy diet plan is?

Did you know that working out is only 1/3 of what’s required to give results with any workout plan regardless of your goals? If you want any results a healthy diet plan is absolutely essential.

This section is meant to give you guidelines and information on which diet to incorporate into your workout. As you scroll down and read each article you should note that each diet is meant for a specific reason. My goal is to help you understand and formulate your own diet plan that works. After all, not everyone is the same.

Don't worry they are free diet plans. I don't buy into those plans you may see on TV claiming you lose weight on their plan and neither should you. These diets, diet tips, and food lists are straightforward and are based upon nutritional content needed for your particular fitness goal.

A Diet is Not What You May Think

When people think of a diet they think of losing weight. While many of today’s most popular diets have this goal in mind, it is not only limited to this reason.

When I first started working out I mentioned to people I was on a diet. I always had the response, "Why are you going on a diet? You're not fat." (I was at the time 6'1" and weighed 160 pounds)

I got that all the time. I was in fact, doing the total opposite, I wanted to go on a diet to put on weight.

Well, obviously someone who wants to put on weight is going to eat differently than someone trying to lose weight. So I decided that I would dedicate this section to provide information about many different diets and their pros and cons.

If you stick to your diet plan and continue to develop the skills needed to properly manage your diet, then you will have picked up on healthy eating habits that make things a lot easier.

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