Benefits of Acai Berry Juice for Weight Loss

Acai berry juice and acai generally have gained tremendous popularity through celebrity fans like Oprah.

However, given the number of diet scams out there, I hope this acai berry information gives some useful tips.

This brief acai review will at least give you these basics and a starting point for making a decision on buying acai, the best acai, acai trial, and where to buy acai products (like acai berry juice, acai drink, monavie acai, pure acai & so on).

What is acai?

So first of all, let’s go over what is acai & derivatives like acai berry juice.

Acai and acai drink or acai juice comes from the acai berry, a deep purple colored fruit most typically found in the rainforests of Brazil. It’s one of those natural remedies used by natives for hundreds of years due to its amazing health properties.

Acai berries are packed with antioxidants. In fact, it is considered one of the SUPER FOODS – that is a highly nutritious food containing a good balance of proteins, minerals, vitamins and fiber.

Does acai work?

Acai can really help with weight loss, compared to many weight loss pills. It has been shown to increase metabolism in the body, which helps you burn fat.

Because it contains fiber and protein, it may help reduce appetite by making you feel fuller longer.

The “Acai Diet” isn’t a particular diet plan or weight loss program. The term is used for any diet that incorporates acai berry juice or other acai containing products – as you’d expect.

If you combine the benefits of acai with healthy eating, you should expect to lose weight more rapidly than with dieting alone.

In two 8 –week clinicial studies, the average weight loss for a group taking AcaiSlim, for example, is reported to be 15lbs and 12.5 lbs compared to the placebo group (those taking an ‘empty’ version) who lost only 3lbs and 3.5 lbs.

That’s 450% more weight loss than dieting and exercising alone.

Is acai safe?

If you like the idea of putting lots of healthy antioxidants into your body, acai is one of many fruits you can choose and in that sense, it is safe to take.

When you review an acai berry product, check the contents to see if it’s pure acai and what else might be added to it.

Key ingredients are Garcinia cambogia extract, chromium polyniconate and Gymnema sylverstre extract.

There is a great deal more solid research behind acai than many other products, such as hoodia.

The acai berry diet is one of the most respected weight loss supplements. It is backed by proper scientific research reported in academic, peer-reviewed journals.

Notably, you can read on popular weight loss forums how people are getting genuine weight loss using acai.

The difference with acai products like acai berry juice or acai tablets is the high concentration of antioxidants they contain compared to say your average apple or orange or green tea for that matter.

Acai berry juice is reputed to cleanse and detoxify the body, ridding it of toxins and stubborn fatty deposits. This can also help against water retention, which may mean you lose some ‘water’ weight and give you a slimmer appearance.

Where can you buy acai?

There are plenty of places to buy acai. You’ll find some links on this page as a starting point.

Be wary of purchasing. Check out what kind of acai it is, whether they’ve done any clinical trials and if they talk about the research.

Very important, look to see what any vendor’s refund policy is. If they offer a trial or monthly purchase, it may mean you are signing up for recurring billing.

Note down the details of how to cancel any subscription, even if it’s just a free trial.

There are many reports of people being billed monthly before they even receive their trial pot of acai for products they haven’t ordered.

If they don’t provide details clearly of terms and conditions and how to cancel– don’t buy!!!

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