The Best Diets Say Lose No More than 2lbs a Week ... is this a Rule ora Rumour?

You looking for the best diets?

Yeah ... join the club.

Like many people, I get caught up in the hype of what are the best diets, and yes I'm drawn to fad diets and clever pills that promise quick results.

Even the other day I bought an ebook on losing 20lbs in 10 days! All in the name of research of course ... well, I was intrigued!!!

AND like many weight loss experts, I always advise my clients on losing around 1-2 lbs or 1kg maximum a week.


Because 1-2 lbs a week is more likely to be real weight loss - that is FAT! - rather than lean muscle or water.

And ... because to reduce calories or increase exercise to burn more than 1-2 lbs a week is not realistic for most normal people!

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If you consider that ...

1 lb of fat equates to approx. 3500 calories

... you'd have to either cut back on food intake by 500 calories a day or increase your daily activity by 500 calories. Or half and half.

Most people exercise 3-4 times a week if they are keen (others around 1-2 times a week) so that makes a calorie deficit of 3500 hard to achieve week in week out.

To find out more on this ... there's a superb new article by Fitness guru Tom Veruto of Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle fame.

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