Common sense Body building Weight loss Exercise Tips and Strategies

Welcome to body building weight loss exercise tips! This is the engine room of your assault on fat…making a few easy changes to your routine is going to make all the difference to your body fat levels in less time than you might think. In the past you may have tried to lose weight?

This time is going to be different

Here is a clear program of exercise to achieve your goal…based on a sound philosophy. The cornerstone of your new bodybuilding weight loss philosophy is consistency…backed up by commitment and followed through with discipline. OK, enough already…this is beginning to sound like hard work!

So, what is the key? The key is habit. You are going to create a new bodybuilding weight loss habit - the inevitable result of which will be your goal of a lean, flab free body.

So, where to start?

Here is the foundation you need to understand how you will lose the fat and keep the muscle – don’t even think of supplementing with anything until you understand the processes at work here. There will be plenty of time to add in a few bodybuilding weight loss supplements to accelerate things later. Lets lay the foundations first…

What's the good news? Simple, the more exercise you do the less you need to be concerned about calorie intake. Lets break this down. One pound of fat is made up of around 3,500 calories. That’s three square meals – its also 5 hour long strength training sessions, 12 hours of brisk walking, or 6 hours of cycling.

All other things being equal – if you increase your energy consumption and keep those calories coming in at the same level or just trim those coming in from are already going to make consistent bodybuilding weight loss progress.

Next, the beauty of using strength training as your key to cutting your weight is your metabolic rate. Exercise raises your ‘resting metabolic rate’ for around 15 hours after you finish – even if you are sitting around after working out – your body continues to burn calories at a faster rate than normal – to repair muscle tissues and muscle replenish glycogen stores.

Even better, the muscle mass you gain and maintain by strength training burns energy at a faster rate than the fat it replaces.

What are we saying here…yes, go and eat normal sized meals - keeping calories from fat low and calories from protein and carbs balanced – and the processes triggered by the exercise alone will burn off that fat…and keep it off.

Lets get intense!

Bodybuilding weight loss does not mean wasting hours on the exercise bike…aerobic training has its place in your program – but you need to train mainly with weights for bodybuilding weight loss, and train intensely.

This means you are working at around 75% your maximum heart rate…quickly calculate this by taking your age from 220. The number you get to is your maximum heart rate.

This will burn fat calories the quickest. Each session you will try and go ‘the extra mile’ and push for greater intensity measured by doing the same in less time or lifting heavier weights. Maybe you could add in an extra training session in the mornings or on a lunch hour. Just an extra hour or two a week may be all you need to see major progress.

Ever wonder how you can lose the fat for no effort…just sitting around, maybe listening to some music? another secret weapon in your fat loss armory
See these benefits.....hey, did you know that there are at least 8 major health reasons why you need to get in that sauna!
  • Produces a strong thermogenic response…this means calories burned off quickly
  • Speeds up the metabolic processes of all internal organs
  • Promotes release of Growth Hormone, naturally
  • Stimulates vascodilation of peripheral blood vessels – soothing muscular pain from intense exercise
  • Expels toxins from the heavy metals, Cadmium, Zinc, Lead
  • Creates a fever reaction that can destroy viruses before they get a foothold
  • Strengthens the immune system and reduces risk of cancers
  • Relaxes you.....
Here’s some bodybuilding weight loss exercise tips to chew over....

Try walking or doing some other aerobic exercise at least 20 or 30 minutes per day – in addition to your usual routine…walk to the local store…take the stairs…park further away from where you work.....walk the dog…aim to burn off an extra 1000 calories a week this way.

Start a regular weight training program, with a partner or trainer.....for added motivation give yourself some goals to work for…the extra muscle you’ll build will burn extra calories all day everyday keeping you lean.

Drink more fluids and water…keeping hydrated will improve your concentration, complexion and speed up the processes of removing toxins from your body and restoring energy stores to your muscles.

Exercise on the weekend when you will be less stressed and can focus on working out.

Sleep at least 8 hours per night.....ok this is a tough why not try ‘power napping’ this really does boost your energy levels and makes up for missed sleep at has been proven that napping rebalanced important brain chemicals in such a way so as to improve performance and concentration.....

Do those odd jobs you’ve been putting off…mow the lawn…fix that fence…sweep the yard –get out and about.

Try this bodybuilding weight loss exercise program

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