Tips to Trim the Fat

Tips to Trim the Fat, Soon You'll See the Difference to Achieve Body building Weight loss...

Here are a few pointers to change your diet to optimize it for bodybuilding weight loss…we’re talking trimming around the edges here. No need to completely change your diet all at once.

Try choosing one food you currently eat that is high in fat and replace with one of these. Do this once a week – in 3 months you will have removed 12 high fat foods and be eating 12 more healthy foods – that has got to be a significant change – without even noticing.
Again, the idea is to develop a taste for these

Get over the eurrrghh – “I’m can’t eat THAT!” response and get used to trying NEW foods…hey, you might even like them!

Cut out or reduce these altogether
  • Pastries
  • Deep fried foods
  • Cheese
  • Chocolates
  • Fatty or processed meats
  • Change the way you prepare food
  • Try steaming food…this keeps all the nutrients in and does not add fat
  • Limit stir frying
  • Remove skin from chicken
  • Trim off fat from cuts of meat
  • Try a low fat spread not cheese
  • Cut out processed and replace with whole foods and grains
  • Eat more fresh foods and less ready prepared/prepackaged foods
  • How about strawberries and fromage frais (not cream) instead of ice cream
  • Fruit and nuts instead of chocolate…well, ok just a bit of chocolate!
The effect of all these small changes will add up to give you the best chance of success with your bodybuilding weight loss program.
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