Try the Top Bodybuilding Weight loss Diet Tips and Strategies

Just the facts on bodybuilding weight loss diet strategies that work.

If you get just one or two new diet ideas from a quick browse here it will be time well spent.
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Remember these key guidelines when choosing foods where there is no nutritional information available. Maybe you’re out and about and really need a snack.

We are avoiding fats remember

A calorie is a calorie wherever it comes from but remember that many processed foods are super concentrated sources of nasty hydrogenated vegetable fats. These can contain trans-fatty acids which are proven to promote heart disease.

Cholesterol should be kept to a minimum. It is only found in animal products. So, if you have a high protein diet and have chosen egg protein as your primary source – separate the yolk and just use the egg whites. This might seem a waste but is easy. You are losing some B vitamins but the main idea is to trim the cholesterol.

Something to watch if consuming more than half a dozen egg whites a day is that they can bind with biotin and other neurotransmitters in the brain leaving you low on the ‘feel good’ factor. So it’s an idea to alternate your protein sources every week or so – with, for example, whey or soy protein.
Instead of cutting out dairy foods altogether why not just choose the lite versions – low fat yoghurt, skimmed milk.

When choosing lunch meats for sandwiches trim the fat or select turkey breast or another lean alternative. A lot of prepackaged meats have a high water content. Why not try the dry cured variety – just watch for the salt content.

Choose chicken, turkey or fish over red meats like steak. Sure steak does have a high creatine content naturally, but we are looking for the optimum low fat strategy for bodybuilding weightloss and this means choosing low fat meats and supplementing where necessary.

Give it a Break-fast
Lets face it…Who doesn’t skip breakfast at least once a week? If you want to make progress…and fast then you must have something to eat first thing

It doesn't matter what it is – just grab something!
This will have two effects. You will get into the habit of eating something... you can then work on eating more of the right things for breakfast.

A high protein shake, porridge oats or cereal and a banana or a couple of apples. The shake is easy and if you’re dedicated you might want to go for the egg whites option as your first protein meal of the day (try microwaved scrambled eggs).
Take a look at the power breakfast diet ideas in body building weight loss diets…
Try and go for about a third of your daily calorie intake at breakfast. Front load your calorie intake to the start of the day. This is going to kick start your metabolism and has an added bonus. Know what that is? You are not going to have that mid morning sugar craving…which must be satisfied.
You could also spread breakfast over a couple hours. Split it in two and take out the second half with you. Say fresh fruit and protein bar. Of course, all this should be planned with near military 

Something is always better than nothing
The strategy to use is this…have a good selection of breakfast items ‘in stock’ at home. Then have a base ‘must have’ item that you prepare or grab on the way out the door.
Sugar and snacks
Sugary and fatty foods usually go hand in hand – but they taste so good! Try and replace these slowly – don’t build them up into a special treat but instead develop a taste for some types of complex carb foods. It doesn’t have to be a banana... why not choose a cereal bar or nuts and raisins.

Whoa... that not exciting enough?
There are some tasty well balanced meal replacement bars now.
Remember…aim to cut the calories from fat but maintain a balanced intake of protein and carbs.

More on carbs
We are talking fat loss here…didn’t you think carbs were the bad guy? Who told you that? Well, carbs are king when it comes to bodybuilding weightloss.

Carbs restock your energy stores which means more fuel for intense weight training which means more bodyfat mobilised and burned off…building more muscle that can be used to metabolise fat…a great virtuous circle.

More carbs mean that protein is not going to be used as fuel which means it can do what it does best and repair and build muscle tissue.

Carbs take more energy to breakdown and assimilate into the body – much more than fat which means less calories left over to be stored as fat.

Most complex carbs are high in fibre, fibre is hard to digest, it takes more calories to breakdown and also stimulates the release of appetite suppressing hormones.

So how much is enough? At least 5 grams per kilo of bodyweight daily, as long as you are doing regular weight training and aerobic workouts.

Lets say you are really cutting back on the calories... you want to see results, and fast. Cut right down on the fat intake, take 1-2 grams of protein per kilo bodyweight and keep the carbs up. This will give you the optimum fat burning result for bodybuilding weightloss…muscle retaining combo…of course there are some little helpers to make things easier, but the foundation is getting the right balance of low fat, protein and carbs.

This is key.
Before you even think about a bodybuilding weightloss supplement, get the groundwork down…make it a habit…then take it from there with the bodybuilding weightloss supplements.

Energy deficit…
Bodybuilding weight loss is about creating an energy deficit…we are talking a fine balance here but maintaining energy expenditures above energy intake. Simply, do slightly more aerobic work and eat slightly smaller amounts – keeping all else equal. No need to reinvent a new diet – just have less of the usual and you will achieve your bodybuilding weight loss goals.

Take time to enjoy your meals…this has two key benefits, as a bodybuilder or athlete you probably are used to eating more and faster as in company you need just that little bit more…sound familiar? Well now you are going to probably be eating the same/less than your company at meals times – you are going to need to slow down.

Finish at the same time and you’ll not be tempted by a second helping…secondly, chewing more will ensure you get the most out of all the food and it will be digested faster....less chance to hang around and turn into fat.

Habituate yourself
…And this is legal! Every day you will have many opportunities to grab a quick tasty sugary snack…well lets cut out the temptation…if you have a certain walk into work past a bakery or store…go another way for a change. Change your routine.

Regulate with low GI
Get to know the low GI foods…these are great for bodybuilding weightloss…why you ask? Because they release energy slowly and produce a gentle insulin response.

This will keep you feeling full for longer and smooth out your appetite…which means less snacking. A good choice is lentils or beans…with a carb source like wholemeal pasta.

Add bulk…to your diet
You like to eat a lot…no problem have low calorie dense foods like fruit and veg. and whole grains. This will provide fibre and make you feel full without adding too many calories.
Buy some smaller dinner plates…and don’t have seconds!

Eat often
Have 5 or 6 meals a day…this puts more nutrients in your diet throughout the day to repair muscles post exercise…evens out the blood sugar and insulin response and best of all encourages thermogenesis and your metabolic rate to stay high. This will inevitably lead to bodybuilding weight loss.

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