Should I Take Creatine?

Many people are looking for an edge in building muscle and stumble across the question... Should I take creatine?

Well if you are a healthy individual with no health problems and want to get bulked up then the answer is usually yes.

Why Not Always?

Well creatine’s effects may not be for everyone. When asking, “Should I take creatine?” you need to realize what creatine does. I have several separate articles that go into detail about this, however the plain and simple fact is that creatine won’t make you stronger.

Well if it must bulk you up then it must make you stronger…right? Wrong. It bulks up your muscles and makes you look stronger but it is actually just water weight. My other articles go more in depth about this if you want to read up more on it.

Many people work out to bulk up first and strength second. They want to get that image of bulky muscular body that many women desire. They want that sex appeal. If you want that then creatine will help you attain that goal faster. However, you should read up on the creatine side effects before taking your first creatine supplement.

If however you workout just to stay in shape and get stronger and don’t care so much about your image as much as the type of person in the paragraph above then you may find creatine’s benefits a little lacking for what you want and may not be a worthwhile investment.

So when it comes down to, “Should I take creatine?” Just ask yourself this question, “Which comes first in my goals, strength or image?” If strength comes first then it may not be a worthwhile investment. If image comes first then you should definitely consider looking at my individual creatine supplement product information on the previous page and pick one of those to start taking.

Just remember that sometimes the bulkier muscles don’t always mean more strength.

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