What Are The Best Protein Bars?

Almost everyone has tried a protein bar before, but which ones are the best protein bars for using with your workout plan?

Don't think all of them are exactly the same. There are many types for different situations. In here you will find out about a variety of different bars and what’s in them and which one you should take.

Sometimes it's good to take them and sometimes it is not. These are things you need to know when choosing one. As you continue to read you will understand which ones you should take and why; or maybe you shouldn't take any at all.

What's The Difference?

Not all protein bars are the same. Some of the best protein bars include several different types of protein.

For example whey protein will be digested at a different time than soy protein which can affect your muscle growth if you plan on taking it after a workout.

All the best protein bars also contain different amounts and different types of sugars. This can lead to different tastes and different nutritional levels. The best tasting protein protein bar may not have the nutritional value you are looking for. I'm sure you don't want a protein bar that is actually a candy bar with protein powder. (Some are actually like that!) Okay well...maybe it may sound good now but trust me, after eating it you will feel the same way you feel when eating a candy bar. So do you still want that?

In the end it all comes down to looking at the ingredients and picking the one that is right for you. Don't pick out a bar without looking at the ingredients.

This leads to my next question which is...

What Do I Look For In The Ingredients?

Since you're at this website you want get or stay fit. For this I suggest you get a whey protein bar and avoid soy protein.


Because not much is known on whether soy protein helps muscle growth or not, amount of time it takes to digest, etc.

So I suggest just avoiding it. Don't take a gamble when whey protein is proven to work and get to your muscles within 30 minutes to 1 hour.

This is why I will mostly be covering protein bars without soy protein.

What I suggest is that you look out for artificial sweeteners and the amount of sugar in each bar. I don't believe anyone should have artificial sweeteners because of the controversy between them. Why gamble with your body when you only get one body?

Here is a little tip if you want to avoid artificial sweeteners. In the ingredients some of the well known artificial sweeteners are called:

* Sucralose
* Acesulfame Potassium (Mainly listed as Acesulfame K)
* Saccharin

Chances are a bar with more sugar will taste better but try to avoid a lot of sugar. Then again they could replace sugar with artificial sweeteners, so watch out.

So I Now Know What the Best Protein Bars Are. Should I Eat Them?

Honestly, if you're working out you should not eat protein bars. Instead, you should take a protein powder supplement. There are a few reasons behind this.

1. You won't find very many whey protein bars. Most are soy protein.

2. You will usually not get enough protein from one bar.

3. It will take longer to digest

4. It costs much more per bar than 1 protein shake

The only time you would want to take a protein bar is when you cannot make a healthy meal or have access to making a protein shake. If you plan on using protein bars as a snack at night I suggest getting a low carb bar. Keep in mind though low carb bars usually have artificial sweeteners. If you are trying to avoid those then I suggest trying something different in your diet for a night snack.

Overall you need to realize protein bars are not meant to be supplements after or before working out. They are meant to be a quick on the go snack. You should treat them exactly like that.

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