Discover the Latest Bodybuilding Weight loss Supplements That Really Work

Discover the Latest Bodybuilding Weight loss Supplements That Really Work...Even While You Are Sleeping!

At’ve arrived at the source for bodybuilding weight loss supplements that really work and pose minimal health risk.


Remember the benefits of a fibre rich diet…makes you feel full…bulks up food and also controls your insulin response to stop those carb cravings. You can get this effect from eating vegetables, lentils and beans…but if you want a super food that will help you lose weight look at glucomannan fibre.

3 grams per day can induce weight loss of 2-5lb per month with no other change in diet or exercise. You may find this herb only available as ground Konjac fibre (it is composed of 60% Glucomannan).

Chromium Compounds

This is the proven ‘metabolism mineral’ – Chromium Picolinate and the form bound with vitamin B3 called Chromium Polynicotinate both enhance metabolic rate. A normal dose is around 200mcg per day. This mineral evens out the appetite and boosts energy levels – which reduces food cravings.

Hydroxycitric Acid (HCA)

HCA works by inhibiting the enzyme that converts sugars to fat. As carbohydrate is broken down during digestion fuel or glycogen is produced and any excess converted to fat by an enzyme called ATP-citrate lyase. HCA blocks this enzyme from working and so glucose levels increase and that sends chemical messengers to the brain giving you that full up feeling.

Sometimes HCA is combined with Chromium compounds to enhance the effect. HCA in 250mg three times daily is a usual dosage.

Many studies have shown the effectiveness of HCA and in one eight week ‘double blind’ study the average weightloss was 11.1lb per person as against 4.2lb on placebo (a diet and exercise regime was followed also). So, as part of a proper diet and exercise program this stuff works.

Herbal Supplements

You might see these herbs form part of the list of ‘active’ ingredients in bodybuilding weight loss supplements and…that’s ok! They are often combined to increase the effect.

Guarana Seed Extract

Guarana contains seven times more caffeine than coffee. It if often found in herbal weight loss supplements, so if you are caffeine sensitive it is best avoided. However, combined with other ingredients it can stimulate a thermogenic response and aid weight loss.

Green Tea Extract

This extract is often found in bodybuilding weight loss products. The Green Tea extract has strong anti-oxidant properties so is useful anyway if you are undergoing a weight training program as it will reduce muscle soreness and reduce recovery time. It has also been shown to have the benefit of inhibiting cancer growth and reducing heart disease risk.

The active ingredient of Green Tea are chemicals called catechins…and these stimulate a thermogenic effect in the body – burning calories from the digestion of food. Results of studies have shown that more energy is taken from fat stores and metabolism increased by a statistically significant amount by use of the Green Tea extract.

An effective dose is equal to taking about three cups of Green Tea.

Yerba Mate (or simply ‘Mate’)

The effects are to control appetite and also to act as a mild diuretic. The short term usage of Yerba Mate is safe when taken in small quantities…less than 50mg doses…

Please though do not mix these supplements with caffeine, antihistamines the amino acids Tyrosine and Phenylalanine, cheese, chocolate or beer. Why not check out the best selling Diet Supplements Revealed if you are really serious about bodybuilding weight loss.

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