A different approach towards understanding eating disorders

As the statistics of eating disorders rise, it is more important than ever to explore why so many men, women, teenagers and children are falling prey to them.

The pressures of modern living, particularly on young people is probably greater now than ever. The demands placed on us to be successful, popular, rich...and thin, are extreme.

Such demands can often lead to the development of depression and low self esteem. Greater and greater numbers of children and teenagers are falling prey to these. This leaves them vulnerable to what many view as a 'way out.'

Drugs, alcohol and eating disorders can all be seen as options to help people cope when they can see no other way.
ng disorders.

As a recovered anorexic I understand why people develop eati
Whether we are talking about binge disorder, bulimia or anorexia, the underlying reasons for eating disorders are low self esteem and depression.

It is becoming increasingly difficult for parents to teach their children to have a strong sense of identity and high self esteem. Media influence is all pervasive, and the economic climate is putting increasing pressure on parents to spend more time at work, and less time with family.

Many parents have also fallen prey to the myth that in order to have any value, we must conform to societal dictates.

If we are to work together as a society to try to eradicate these disorders in our society, we must be able to honestly face the reasons behind them.

This involves looking closely at our own levels of self esteem. Often the strain of working and juggling in our modern world means that we don't pay close enough attention to our emotional health.
Illnesses which can be traced to poor self image and self esteem are rapidly growing.

We owe it to ourselves and to future generations to take this seriously, and to know that when we are looking at the reasons for eating disorders, we are also looking at the reasons behind every other self esteem based problem. This site is designed to help anybody who is suffering from an eating disorder, or who knows someone who is. For any more information or advice, please contact me. There is no need to suffer in silence.

This website is also designed as part of a campaign against the preponderant pro anorexic sites that continue to tempt young women and even children into an anorexic or bulimic lifestyle. Those running these sites are suffering from eating disorders and need help. Under the guise of 'providing a forum for sufferers of eating disorders to help each other' they are condoning and glorifying self-harm.

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