So how does low self esteem lead to an eating disorder?

Nobody wants to be unhappy. For those with low self esteem and depression, life is an uphill struggle. Any way out is a way out.

When people are looking for a way to be happy, they look around them to see how other people do it.If they have healthy self esteem, they will look for healthy ways.

They may change their job, gain new skills, take on a new hobby. But for those who are depressed, motivation is low. They find it hard to rise to those sorts of challenges as they don't believe themselves to be capable of doing so.So they look for another way.

It could be drugs or alcohol. Or it could be controlling food and weight.And with the growing percentage of celebrities with anorexia it's not really surprising that this is increasingly becoming the option that is chosen.

 Low self esteem is responsible for a great deal of unhappiness in the modern western world. That is why it is so important to worry less about the three categories of eating disorders, and think much more about how to build self esteem in ourselves and in others.

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