Enhancing the effect of creatine is easy

There are various strategies you can use for enhancing the effect of creatine and increase the uptake of creatine into the muscles This will both save you money by making the supplements you use more efficient and also maximize the potential loading of the muscle tissue. Why not try this out
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Taking the supplement after meals or together with a carbohydrate/protein shake will use the insulin spike that accompanies digestion as a means to get more creatine into the muscles.

Taking the supplement following exercise will also use the window of opportunity that is created here for maximal creatine uptake.  

Whatever you do, take lots of water when supplementing with creatine as more is required by the body for cell voluminous.  

Taking creatine along with whey protein is a powerful combo given the insulin releasing properties of a protein supplement and studies confirm that greater increases in lean mass have been attained by subjects who do this compared to control groups.  

The optimal result may however be obtained taking creatine with a carbohydrate supplement. This can increase the uptake and retention of creatine by up to 60%. Another advantage of adding a carbohydrate or glucose to your creatine is that it helps in the replenishment of your glycogen reserves following exercise.  

Another option for enhancing the effect of creatine is to sprinkle creatine on your meals, a bit like salt, to ensure absorption is optimized. See more creatine facts here…

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