Which creatine powder is the best?

You’ve seen the advantages of creatine and want some of the action, so which creatine powder is the best?

Well, creatine is most commonly available as creatine monohydrate powder. This is a stable chemical compound of one molecule creatine and one molecule of water. It is usually supplied as a white crystalline powder that dissolves readily in water.

Other types of creatine are available, such as creatine citrate, creatine phosphate and creatine serum – but the jury is still out on whether any of these offer a performance advantage.

One exception to this was a study performed at Creighton University by Dr. Jeff Stout. This found that products using effervescent (fizzy in water) creatine will produce a higher absorption rate. The study found that the anaerobic work capacity of the muscles (used during intense exercise)

Increased by 84% over the regular creatine monohydrate blends.

The study was carried out way back in 1999. Ultimately, the choice is yours but we have prepared some in-depth reviews about which creatine powder is the best and so have gone some way to narrowing down the field for you as there are hundreds of supplements to choose from out there!

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