Cardiac Muscle – Why Is It So Unique?

An average human heart contracts around 70 times a minute and pumps 5 liters a blood a minute. Your cardiac muscle (also known as your heart muscle) is responsible for this. This muscle that is so important to us must not rest and sustain that amount of contractions for us to live.

How can it do this? Well, it is made up differently from other muscle. It has high amounts of mitochondria, myoglobins, and a good blood supply. Now I could get into how it all works but what it basically comes down to is that all these factors allow it to be highly resistant to fatigue.

It may be highly resistant to fatigue but that doesn’t mean it is perfect. If you don’t exercise regularly and don’t practice healthy eating habits your heart muscle will weaken and may have a hard time pumping blood through your arteries. This is why many people suffer from heart problems when they get older.

Today in the US heart disease is the number one killer overall. It even surpasses cancer. Heart disease can almost always be prevented by a proper diet and exercise. Did you know you can also prevent cancer and stroke in most cases by proper diet and exercise too?

Cardio exercise is the best way to strengthen the heart muscle and combined with a proper diet will ensure you have less complications as you age. You only have one heart so treat it well and exercise regularly and maintain a healthy diet.

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