Cardio Vs Weight Training – Are They Comparable?

Cardio vs weight training… which one should you choose? Well, what if I said you should do both?

You see, cardio and weight training cannot be compared. They each do different things. While they may share some similarities they are two totally different aspects of working out. It’s like comparing apples and oranges.

Cardio is great for strengthening the heart and the best way to lose weight. Doing cardio exercises daily has been proven to promote brain development even in older people. This basically means you can focus more and retain more information which may link it to preventing or slowing in diseases such as Alzheimer’s.

Weight training is different. Weight training strengthens your muscles throughout your body depending on the exercise you do. It can also be used to tone muscles. Weight Training will build your muscle endurance up as well.

The similarities both cardio and weight training share are that they both speed up your metabolism, they both can help tone your body, and they both can help you burn fat.

I like to think of cardio as a specialized workout, which specializes in burning fat and excels in that. I think of weight training as a combination of both toning and muscle building.

If you look at it from the same perspective from me you can clearly see how they really can’t be compared. What this means is that when you combine both you are giving your body one heck of a workout.

If you just simply want to lose weight and aren’t looking to build a lot or any muscle mass then I suggest a cardio workout combined with some free weight toning exercises.

If you want to build muscle mass I suggest some strength training exercises, but do a little cardio before and/or after your workout to get the blood flowing to your muscles.

Don’t be fooled by trying to do the cardio vs weight training comparison. Instead you should focus on how to include both workout types into your fitness plan; because in the end, if you really want to push yourself and see results the quickest it is best to combine these two workout types into your fitness plan in some way.

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