Printable Food Pyramid Diagrams

Below I've sampled just a few simple printable food pyramid diagrams.

With so many different food pyramid diagrams available on the web, I hope it's useful here to give you some pointers to ones you can use for your family's education, in teaching or just for your own kitchen wall.

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The British Nutrition Foundation have a great food pyramid in the form of an "Eat Well Plate"!

It was developed in 2007, based on the government's 8 tips for eating well. You may even have seen this around in schools, workplaces, health centers and supermarkets.

Click the plate below to go to a print version.
Eat Well Plate - British Nutrition Foundation 2007

There are also some nice clear mini-posters at the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) campaign site:

Here are a few links to PDF sheets on

Mini-poster for general use
Mini Poster for Pre-Schoolers

Food Pyramid Coloring Pages
Here are some great simple food diagrams that children can use as coloring pages. You just download as PDF documents for a girl or boy below.

Download and print lots of pages direct from Printable Food Pyramid Coloring Pages and you can make your own coloring book!

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