Real Weight Loss Tips, What Works and Why, and How to Stay Motivated

Here's FIVE reasons why this is the most important weight loss website you'll ever find on how to lose body fat and keep it off forever.

(1) You've reached the end of the search for real advice that works!

If you're anything like me, you'll have visited many sites and spent hard-earned cash on a great many diet plans and diet pills before getting to the point where losing weight seems impossible.

(2) You can stop doing fads and start doing nutrition!

There are so many diet fads and fiddles out there, do you wonder what's real and what's hype? Well … I hope you’ll want to bookmark this site and start a 'Real Weight Loss Tips' journey based on real science and nutritional principles, with my help.

As you browse through, I'm sure at times you'll say “I knew that”. But the big question is do you practice what you know?

You can start by looking at what your ideal weight should be or healthy eating guidelines and healthy meal plans and exercises. Or you can take a glance through a review of best diet plans and see why things work or don't work based on medical knowledge and scientific facts. (Well, I do have a PhD in physiology, but I promise I won't overdo the science bit!)

(3) You have someone who's been there, done that!

You won’t be surprised to hear that I struggled with weight loss ever since having children, probably a combination of many changes in lifestyle - reduced daily activity and new, peculiar eating habits. I've had some success with weight watchers and the atkins diet, but always ended up putting on weight again.

Ring any bells for you? Four years ago, I discovered Herbalife products and that was a weight loss programme that worked really well for me. But I got bored and then after having a thyroid problem, I put on a stone in weight over 3 months and got desperate to lose weight. So having strategies that work was critical to my weight control.

Knowing what I know, I can drop half a stone when I have to to keep things in check - It's been a long quest - but what works for me, is working for my clients too - just ordinary people living their life!

(4) You have a gateway to some of the best guidance out there on the web!

Here, you can tap into a lot of research into how to lose fat, because it just isn't as simple as ‘eat less, exercise more’. It’s tricky, don’t you agree? I guess you could say I've become somewhat of a weight loss tips expert now in how to reduce body fat and maintain muscle fitness, which is the essence of any diet that's worth its salt.

If I were a size 10 petite little thing, you'd think 'what does she know about what I'm going through!' I'm a healthy size 12-14 (don't shops vary!), but more importantly, I've maintained my weight for several years now and helped hundreds of people to lose weight. It’s especially satisfying when I can help with overweight children and am proud of my successful teenage diet plan.

(5) You can slowly (re)educate yourself - the more you understand, the more choices and control you have!

It occurred to me that with all the sifting and sorting that I've done, I could help even more people lose real weight (that is, body fat - not water, not muscle) by creating a website that not only supports my existing customers and those of my home business team, but also anyone else who finds losing weight a mystery (and misery!)

Here, you will find real weight loss tips that uncover all those crazy claims of diet pills and fast weight loss and gives you effective ways to burn fat and build muscle and so lose weight forever.

I’m creating plenty of health related fitness resources for you to dip into, like food pyramid guides, healthy meal plans and free diet plans, as well as weight conversion tools like a bmi calculator and calorie counter. I'll be adding weight loss tips for some common medical conditions, such as diabetes, thyroid and PCOS.

You can also find top nutrition articles and weight loss motivation tips - I've done all the research and put it all together here for you - so you don't have to!

I strongly believe that the more you KNOW about how the body works and how to get it to burn fat, the more likely you are to feel in control.

Your goal here is to do a little study every day of these weight loss tips and develop a healthy way of eating and exercise that works for your lifestyle and personality, achieve quick weight loss and your ideal weight as well as lifetime fitness.

So let's go on a journey of discovery ...
I will help you get the shape you want!

Every time you see my Little Orange Guide, you know there's a KEY LEARNING POINT.

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