The Truth About Abs : Ab Workouts

Looking for the right ab workouts to get that flat stomach or those 6 pack abs? Am I right? Did you know there are well over 100 abdominal exercises you can do?

Before you dive into all this information there are a few misconceptions nearly all people fail to realize that you should know about first.

Truth About Abs

"Why is it that people who never do exercises for their abs seem to get 6 pack abs? I always work on my abs and no matter what I can't seem to get the ripped abs I want."

I hear this a lot and unfortunately people waste a lot of time, effort, and hard work trying to get more defined abs. Truth is, you don't have to do any ab workouts to get defined abs and burn all that belly fat.

There is one word that you should know in order to get those defined abs. It is "Cardio."

This is the key to getting defined abs. Why? Well its very simple. Ab workouts will not burn the fat off your stomach region. Cardio does this and cardio is the key to getting your 6 pack abs.

So Why Bother With Ab Workouts Then?

Ab workouts have a very important purpose. They strengthen our core muscles. In case you didn't know our abdominal muscles are our core muscles. These muscles are very important. They are used in almost every exercise or activity we do. We need them for everything we do. When we exercise we almost always workout our core muscles each time. This is why it is crucial to strengthen them out so they can withstand the amount of exercise we put them through each workout.

Another great reason to workout these muscles is to get them ripped. Listen, we all have a 6 pack. We just need to burn that layer of fat almost completely for it to show. Ever see someone with a very small 6 pack? Well, they don't do ab exercises to strengthen a grow those muscles. If you strengthen them in combination with cardio you provide a perfect balance of making them fit well in your stomach region and giving you the perfect size 6 pack that fits your body.

To explain this better I'll use an example...

Joe does an intense cardio workout throughout the week. Joe also weight lifts for an hour, 5 times a week. He also has a strict diet plan for each day he follows. He does not do any abdominal exercises. Joe is 5'11" and weighs 180 lbs. Going by this Joe has developed a nice buff body with a 6 pack. However Joe may find his 6 pack looks a little small. It doesn't look right on him. He may also notice that his posture is a little crooked and he frequently has more injuries(pulled muscle) than the average person when weight lifting.

If Joe incorporated some simple ab exercises he would notice his posture improve, he would have injuries less frequently, he would also notice feeling less fatigued in his workout and his 6 pack would be more ripped and fit his body size well.

See the difference? This is why ab exercises are so important.

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