Ways to increase self esteem

Here are some great ways to increase self esteem. Firstly, it is important to learn how to relax.

When we are stressed, it is difficult to see things clearly. This means that we find it hard to see the reality - which is often more positive than we think when we are uptight.

The noise and discomfort of modern living can make us forget that we are part of the natural world around us.One of the best ways to increase self esteem is to find a place of nature where we can relax. This can be a place by the sea, a park, or even a garden.

It needs to be somewhere quiet where you can simply be aware of yourself and your connection to nature. However busy your life is, it is important to give yourself at least an hour a day in this place of peace. Use this valuable time to reflect. One of the best ways to build self esteem is to reflect on where you are now and where you would like to go. Without time to reflect we are like travelers with no map.I find the following exercise very helpful. I use it once a month to redefine my goals and make sure that I'm clear about where I'm headed.

On a piece of paper, draw a time line. At the beginning of the line, draw a picture of yourself and write down where you are at now. Are you happy? What do you enjoy doing? How much time do you devote to what you enjoy? Are you in the right job? What would you like to learn?
Thinking about any of these facets of your life that you may like to change, draw yourself at various stages on the time line appearing as the new you if all those factors changed.For example, if you are unhappy in your job, imagine what your perfect job would be. Imagine in detail how you would feel in your new job. Draw that new you somewhere on your time line, and then jot down some notes on how you could get yourself from where you are now to this new you.I find this really helps me to focus and gain new awareness into myself and my goals.

When we are looking at ways to increase self esteem, one of the main factors is finding ways to feel more in control.A great way to do this is to make changes. By making even the smallest change, we gain a sense of autonomy and a growing realization that if we can make small changes we can make bigger ones too.

Unless we regularly take stock and reflect, we can easily get stuck in a rut. By making a conscious decision to make at least one small change a day, we urge ourselves forward.Think of the number of little habits you've got into without even realizing. Brushing your teeth in a certain way, eating and drinking the same things, buying the same newspaper.Make a conscious decision to change one of these things each day. Our thoughts create our feelings so one of the most important ways to increase self esteem is to be aware of our thoughts.Every day 50,000 thoughts pass through the human mind and studies have shown that about 80% of them are negative. If you question this, track your thoughts for a few minutes and see how many of them are negative.

Once you have become aware of any negative thoughts, you need to work on replacing them with positive ones. We can all be harsh on ourselves sometimes but when we get into the habit of criticizing ourselves we cause depression and low self esteem in ourselves.Another useful ways to increase self esteem is to make a list of all the positive things about yourself that you can think of. Anything you like about yourself, any achievements of which you feel proud - write them down, and stick them up somewhere you can see them.

Read them every day, and every time you have a negative thought about yourself, remind yourself of the great things about you.You are a special person with unique talents and gifts that are valuable to others. Remind yourself of this at every opportunity and work on building on your strengths so that you and others can gain the full benefit of them.

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