Increasing numbers of teenagers use pro anorexic sites to find tips on becoming anorexic

For a young girl with low self esteem, the tips on becoming anorexic so readily available on the growing number of pro anorexic sites are often seen as the tips to success.

This has been heightened by the invention of size zero. How can young, impressionable girls see the wrong in pro anorexic sites if they are shown by the media and fashion industry that achieving that level of thinness is not only acceptable, but desirable. Zero means 'nothing.'

Zero means nothing

Surely then, size zero must mean size nothing.

So how can there be less than nothing?

Apparently there is - it's called size double zero. That doesn't mean more than zero. It means less.
Considering that to be a size zero you have to have the waist size of an 8 year old girl, I don't even want to know the measurements of a double zero.What I would like to know, and sorry if I sound paranoid, but is someone out there trying to kill us all off?

How many models are going to drop dead before we all say 'Enough'?

How many more millions of females, including increasingly young girls, are going to suffer, at the very least from chronic low self esteem, at most die, literally of starvation, before we say, 'STOP.'
Anger may not always be productive, but this is about a real injustice, and I feel angry.

No, the media can't force any of us to believe that we have to be any size or shape, neither is anybody forced to take on board tips on becoming anorexic, but it would be stupid to suggest that these influences have no effect on young girls and women.

I'm only 36, and I remember a time when it was normal to be a size 12 and a size 8 was considered skinny.

Now a size 4 - whatever that means - is considered, by the fashion industry, and those who take it seriously, to be fat.

Even more horrifying are the methods employed by models to gain their skeletal bodies - the drugs and tips on becoming anorexic they are using, and being encouraged to use, in order to keep their weight down.

Even more horrifying than that is that these same drugs are being used to treat children with ADD - attention deficit disorder, even though they have been found to cause hardening of the heart in rats.

No, I didn't believe it either.... you need to read this article about the size zero pill to believe it If you are suffering from low self esteem and depression, and think that the pro anorexic sites tips on becoming anorexic are the answer. Use the internet wisely. There are many sites like this one which can help you build your self esteem and self confidence.

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