Can You Test Anaerobic Creatine Performance?

To find out whether creatine works we need to effectively test anaerobic creatine performance levels with and without supplementation.

To test anaerobic creatine performance would show any benefits of supplementation. Previous studies have already shown that creatine phosphate is increased within the muscles of subjects who have supplemented with creatine monohydrate.

For example, an academic study has shown (Harris, et al., Clin. Sci. 83 1992 : 367) using eight weight-trained men (average age 29; average weight training experience 10 years that taking dietary creatine supplements increased anaerobic capacity but not anaerobic power. Subjects performed 3 successive 30-second trials interspersed with 5-minute rest periods, before and after 14 days of creatine or a sugar glucose placebo. Subjects were randomly assigned supplementation in a double-blind fashion.

Blood samples were obtained and examined for plasma ammonia two minutes after each trial. These were compared and the results revealed that anaerobic power was not affected by either treatment.

However, post treatment anaerobic capacity was greater for all within the creatine group. This finding shows that creatine assists in a weight training program by allowing greater intensity of effort for a longer period of time before exhaustion. This then leads to,  

Faster gains and ultimately greater strength

Or power resulting from the increased anaerobic capacity. But how about a longer term test over a few months – what does this show? A study carried out by Theodorou as part of a doctoral thesis looked at the effect of longer-term creatine supplementation on muscle metabolites and athletic performance of 8 male physical education students following creatine loading (5 g x 5 times per day x 4 days).

A significant increase in creatine phosphate within the subject’s muscles was noted and average power improved significantly by 5.1 % . Creatine loading increases the levels of muscle metabolites (Creatine and Creatine Phosphate) and as a result anaerobic performance increases.

But it is important for a maintenance dose to be taken daily as when this is not consumed muscle metabolite levels return back to normal after a month, although the increases in anaerobic performance are maintained for one month.

On the other hand, when a daily maintenance dosage is taken (5g) the beneficial effects on both the muscle metabolite levels and anaerobic performance are maintained for at least 2 months after the loading phase. There is one way to test anaerobic creatine 's positive effects in yourself and that is by creatine cycling .........or see more creatine facts here.

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