Treadmill Accessories – Which Ones Do You Need?

There are many types of treadmill accessories out there. Some of them you never would have thought existed. This article will list each of them and the benefits they have. Some of these treadmill accessories are useful and some of them help keep your treadmill in good working condition.

1. Treadmill mat - Treadmill mats keep vibrations at a minimum when you work out. They also protect your floor from scratches when you have a heavy treadmill.

2. Treadmill cleaning kit – These kits usually include all you need to make sure your treadmill is kept clean. These kits are especially good because they can help prevent problems later on with pieces of random things getting stuck inside if you properly clean it from time to time.

3. Lubrication kit – This kit is useful to ensure your treadmill motor and belt stay in good shape. It is easy to use, just follow the instructions that come with the kit and apply. This kit can increase your life of the belt and motor on the treadmill.

4. Treadmill cover – Over time your treadmill will accumulate lots of dust and dirt in hard to reach places. Having a treadmill cover on it when not using it will help prevent that from happening and prevent problems later on. Treadmill covers come in various types to ensure you get the right one for your particular treadmill model.

5. Treadmill repair tools – You can find these at some fitness stores and online and they usually come with tools needed to fix certain treadmill parts. Useful if you ever need to fix something that you need to disassemble on your treadmill. Some treadmill models come with a small tool kit.

6. Workout books – There are books out there that explain certain aspects about using a treadmill. These books are meant to give you a better understanding on how to properly use your treadmill and to get the most out of its features.

7. Cardio caddy - It is a holder with a clamp. It can hold a water bottle, walkman stereo, keys, remote and mobile phones. It has a clamp which is capable of sticking to any horizontal or vertical surface. It can fit to round or square poles as well.

8. TV’s – Nowadays with LCD’s and LED TV’s you can mount them on the closest wall and watch a movie, show, or sports game while working out. I even like to hook up a video game console and run while playing a game. It is a good investment to make if you find yourself looking at the timer on the treadmill constantly. I’ve personally notice when my attention is on something else I can go longer periods of time without noticing.

9. Reading rack - Want to read while jogging on your treadmill? Reading racks are your solution. They hook onto your treadmill and you can place your favorite book, magazine, or newspaper on it and read while you jog.

10. Music Player – Want to pass the time while jogging? Maybe singing to your favorite music is just what you need. Ipods are a perfect accessory to have if you want to listen to music on the treadmill. They are small, lightweight, and easy to place either in your pocket, on the treadmill, or even on your waist or wrist using an accessory you can buy for your Ipod.

These are just some of the more popular accessories you can find to use with your treadmill. These treadmill accessories can make your treadmill last longer and to make your overall experience using the treadmill a lot more entertaining.

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