Your Weight Loss Success Could Depend on Four Core Emotions

This article on weight loss success tips looks at the four basic trigger emotions that will back up your commitment on a weight loss program.

Which feelings cause you to take action and stay on track?

Emotions can be extremely powerful driving forces within us. You'll have heard of the amazing feats people have achieved, behind which is often a real 'gut' goal to succeed and to overcome obstacles.

Weight loss success is no different.

But which emotions really cause you to take action on a goal you have, like losing a stone this summer - wouldn't that be a good weight loss success?

When I do my personal consultations with customers of the Herbalife programme, I always always ask the big questions about their reasons for losing weight and commitment. This is one of the biggest tests of their likely weight loss success.

One of the very best questions I ask is "Why now?"

Why do you particular want weight loss success now? What made you answer the ad, look for a solution? Why do you want to lose the weight now specifically?

I want to hear that they've reached a state of mind - an emotion - that will really drive them to commit to weight loss success and stick to the program

Of course, I'm checking my time isn't going to be wasted with them, but also for them to succeed they need to find those 'push' buttons.

So what answers would you give to the "Why now?" question of weight loss success?

If you need help getting to the real root of your inner desires and demons, let me talk through the basic emotions that can lead to life change and weight loss success.

This wisdom comes from Jim Rohn, renowned business philosopher and a great inspiration to me personally over several years of building up my self-esteem, resolve and business success.

Basically, there are four 'gut' emotions that cause people to act on a situation - the 4 Ds:

1. Disgust
2. Decision
3. Desire
4. Determination

In the case of losing weight, these are the trigger feelings that cause you not only to make a decision to lose weight, but to take action and commit to the plan.

Each emotion, or a combination of two or more, can produce the most tremendous action. The day you let these feelings power your goal setting, is the day you will turn your life around!!!

Let's go through each of the 4 Ds in turn.


Disgust is not actually a word you'd link to positive action. But if it's channeled well, it can really drive you to change your habits.

You know that if you feel disgusted with yourself or your flabby bits, I mean REALLY digusted ...

- like the day I didn't want to sit down because earlier I'd caught sight of myself in a mirror and saw the rolls of fat blubbering over the top of my hipster jeans - I saw myself as I really am, not as I stand posing in front of the mirror when I'm breathing in!

At that point, you know you've reached the point of no return and you're ready to say "I don't want to live like this anymore. I've had it with being fat and embarrassed".

Sure, these feelings of disgust can be very productive when you say "Right, I'm going to do something about this, starting now."

When someone shares with me emotion like this, I know that person has reached the tipping point. They've had it with those feelings of sadness or shame, or guilt or self-loathing and have decided they want to change.

Jim Rohn calls it the "I've had it" day. It's a Eureka! moment for sure, isn't it? The "never again" day, the "enough is enough" day.

However you express it, you know that emotion is incredibly powerful when it happens, right?

Nothing so life-changing as that sickening feeling of disgust!


OK, so that's one. But most of us need to be pushed and bullied to actually make a decision to change their habits. Day in day out, you're up against other emotions that weaken the original feeling that made you want to take action.

What really drives you to TAKE that decision? Making a decision is easy, but TAKING a decision can be an internal war of the angel and demon on your shoulder.

I have plenty of clients who keep rigidly to the weight loss programme I support them on. But, some weeks there's also something comes up to set them back - and for some nearly every weekend!!

They are out to dinner with friends Saturday night, it's their sister's birthday party, it's a wedding, it's a holiday (two weeks!!!) You know how it goes, yes?

Each 'event' is a reason to do battle with the goals you've set in your mind. It's a mental war!

The only advice I can offer is to write down your goals and revisit them OFTEN!! On a daily basis if necessary.

Do the mind play of how you'd like to be as a slim person - to keep your ship steered towards weight loss rather than weight maintenance or weight gain (if you really go off track!)

Couple that with avoiding the situation where you are between decisions - to eat a plateful of super-calorific buffet food or go for the salad sticks and low fat dips!

Far better to make a wrong decision and be aware of the impact on your goal than not to make one at all.

Be in control of whatever action you decide. Deal with your emotional turmoil and eat with consciousness!!!


It's not easy to judge one's core desire. But you can start by realizing that desire comes from internal sources rather than external ones, BUT it can be triggered by outside forces!

So be on the alert to those external triggers that push the right buttons. It can come at any time, so be prepared to use it to fuel your decision making and action taking.

A trigger might be a song or movie that takes you back in time, and you remember how you felt as a younger, slimmer you. You may have a confrontation with someone you dislike (perhaps they called you names) or an article such as this can stimulate you to make today the day you take action and say "I want to lose weight now!"

So whether you wait or search for your "hot button", don't put up barriers against your disappointment or low self-esteem. Instead welcome the experiences that could just turn into your turning point.


Linked to determination is actually the emotion "resolve". (But I wanted to stick with 4 Ds as it's easy to remember!!!)

Resolve says "I will" - and you know how the human 'will' can be very very potent. In fact, it's commonly used in positive affirmation therapy - I will lose weight - sets out the picture of success!

When someone is determined and can 'see' the future - their own success in pursuit of a clear and positive goal - they are truly unstoppable.

The weight loss client who says: "I will lose one stone before my holiday". They've told me it's not possible, I've tried before and failed. it's too difficult, it's too boring.

But it's my weight to lose and I will lose it. You'll soon see me in size 12 clothes, smiling and happy with my new shape or you'll never see me, because unless I reach my goal weight, I'm never going out again!!!"

Who can argue with that determination? With that will power, Time, Fate and Circumstance will support you not deter you.

So PROMISE YOURSELF YOU'LL NEVER GIVE UP!! Then you've found your determination.

The key to future weight loss success is to ask yourself FOUR questions:

1. DO I REALLY WANT TO LOSE WEIGHT? (Tip, it's a yes or a no!)

2. WHY DO I WANT TO LOSE WEIGHT NOW? (What was your tipping point, your trigger?)

3. HOW LONG WILL I KEEP TRYING? (Hint, as long as it takes, I'll keep going, not give up after two weeks cos it's too difficult!)

4. WHO CAN I GET TO HELP ME? (Hint, me! Here's my top weight loss program with free personal coaching)

let's do it - you're not on your own!

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