Be Your Ideal Weight Key Things to Understand About Weight, Fat, BMIand Calories

Not at your Ideal Weight?

Doesn't it annoy you when you hear "It's easy to lose weight, just eat less and exercise more". Agh!

Is it that simple? Yes and No!
Certainly what we eat and how much we eat generally influences whether we achieve weight loss or gain.

But what is an ideal body weight?

See how a Weight Loss Calculator can help you know the balance.

However, there are definitely some big mistakes people make with dieting and muscle building, which makes weight control kind of tricky.

Here I'll explain some key things to understand about ideal weight ...

* How to Understand your Weight and Body Shape and What's Right for You
* Key Differences between Losing Weight and Losing Fat
* What your Waist Size is Telling you about Dangerous Health Risks
* The Truth behind Fat Kids
* Getting the Right Balance between Cutting Calories and Daily Exercise
* How to Get Your Personal Body Fat Analysis
* The Truth about Magic Diets and Diet Pills

Ideal weight, Body Shape and Mindset

It's true we all come in different shapes and sizes, but how do you know what is an ideal weight for you?

Well, part of the answer is about your specific body types or shape - see Body Mass Index and BMI Calculator - but the other part about ideal weight is actually about self-image and one's beliefs. (See more on that score on the Fat Kids page years of being told to eat less, lose weight can be damaging to kids and teenagers self-esteem and lead to poor relationship with food and weight later in life.)

A key message: "It's as important to manage the thoughts you feed yourself as it is to manage the food you eat?" (She also has a really nice voice so you can listen to this CD over and over until the penny drops!) Click here for more weight loss motivation tips. 'Self-image' is the picture you have of an ideal body, which may be completely different to what's idea for you!

If criticizing your 'assets' is you all over, i.e. your belief is that you are fat, then maybe take a look at fitness models & celebs lately to get the showdown on the good, bad and downright ugly - and get a shot of reality!

Firstly, these supermodels and celebrities are on a permanent diet - and not a healthy one in many cases - - so who wants to live like that!

Secondly, these skinny female body shapes are NOT actually attractive (not just my view), they scream malnutrition and obsession rather than representing an ideal weight. When we see the pictures, they shock us, but unfortunately, many women secretly want to be like that - creating all kinds of eating disorders, fad diets and more obsession, especially in kids and teenagers.

Skinny models distort our view of the attractiveness of normal body shapes, especially for women. Your ideal weight isn't a comparison to these images of women.

So keep it real!

Remember the women in the renaissance paintings or the Venus de Milo sculpture and think about Marilyn Monroe.

Words like 'curvy' and 'voluptuous' spring to mind? And not negative, but complimentary.

So how much should you weigh?

Click here for answers to the common question "How much should I weigh?"

For a complete guide to the best combination of dieting and exercise for maximum fat loss, you can't beat Tom Venuto's incredible e-book: Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle.

Burn the Fat ebook This is a Total Eye Opener on Everything you're doing Wrong and How to Get your Diet & Exercise Right to Burn Fat like Crazy!!!

And if you need any extra incentive to take action on getting rid of that excess flab .... READ my Free Special Report on the Health Risks of an Expanding Waist

Abdominal fat and a large waist measurement is a real indicator of certain health risks, which can lead to cardiac failure, liver disease and so forth.

As a health guideline, a waist circumference greater than 80cm (32in) for women and 94cm (37in) for men indicates increased risk, while a measurement of more than 88cm (35in) for women and 102cm (40in) for men is particularly worrying.

So remember earlier ... how does all that stuff help you maintain your weight or lose weight?

Well the more you understand the fundamentals, the easier it is to make decisions about what you choose to eat or not eat, when you eat and how much you eat, your daily activity - AND how to avoid the common pitfalls in a weight loss program.

Keep revisiting us here at Real Weight Loss Tips and explore some of the many links -

- the more you learn, the more you empower yourself!

Magic diets and diet pills

Maybe you're thinking ... all this sounds like hard work and is going take me months and months to get my ideal weight. There must be a short cut, right?

Well, if you want to stay at your ideal weight or lose weight fast my advice is simple.

STOP looking for magic diet pills

STOP looking for the next 'fat dissolving' breakthrough. Diet pills, if they work at all, simply deal with short term treatment - they don't help with the cause of you being overweight. That takes lifestyle decisions based on knowledge and understanding your body, your mindset and the impact of your diet and nutrition on your health and shape.

Just first master the fundamentals on how to lose weight.

Knowing about healthy eating and building good nutrition into every single day are two completely different things.

Commit now to a healthier lifestyle with Real Weight Loss Tips to guide you - not only about diet plans, but a way of thinking and living - healthy, slim, positive!

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