The Best Cardio Exercises

Looking for the best cardio exercises? Truth is, you already know what they are, but I bet you didn’t know how great of a workout they could actually be.

One of the most common cardio exercises is actually the best. I am referring to running. Running is an excellent cardio workout. It stresses your body to its peak and you burn off a tremendous amount of calories doing it. It can possibly be the best cardio exercise you can do. It certainly is the most popular.

Another common cardio exercise is swimming. Swimming is a great cardio exercise. It is a great addition to any cardio workout routines. One of the great features swimming has is that it is easy on the joints and muscles. If you have a pulled muscle or joint problems and want to continue to work out you have no better option than to swim. The water puts our body into almost a zero gravity environment which puts a lot less stress on pulled muscles or damaged joints.

One great cardio exercise that is considered a sport is riding a bike. Bikes are a great exercise tool that can also be used for transportation. You can get a killer workout just riding a mile or two down to your local store to pick up something or to visit a friend. It also saves you gas and with the way gas prices go up it’s always a good thing to know. This is my personal favorite cardio exercise to do.

Then there are elliptical machines. These are a great addition to any cardio workout routines. They are a great alternative to running and you can do it at the comfort of your own home. They are good for people who are prone to joint problems. They are a smooth workout experience which means less pressure on joints than running.

The last cardio exercise I want to talk about is stair climbing. Yes, stair climbing is another great cardio exercise. Stair climbing is very hard to do and burns an insane amount of calories. You ever climb a 20 story building using the stairs? Most people will get very tired before reaching the 10th story. If you want to do this at home companies sell stair stepping machines that will imitate an endless set of stairs for you to climb.

When it comes down to the best cardio exercise you can’t go wrong with any of the exercises I mentioned. In fact, if you get bored and lose motivation it’s often good to try another exercise. Don’t be afraid to mix and match, just try to find a comparable workout level between each exercise and you’ll be okay.

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